Mouth guard ICE HIT

Refreshing juicy taste

• Three mouthguards filled with taste: orange, mint, battle flower
• Used for any contact sport and is suitable for ages 11+
• Comes With a protective case
• Designed for ultimate protection and retention in the mouth
• Constructed from heavy duty rubber
• Created by Flamma for maximum protection, comfort and fit

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Available in 3 colors

• Moisture Wicking
• Full sublimation artwork
• 4-Needle 6-Thread
• Meshes for body breathing
• Groin guard for better safety

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About Flamma

Flamma is MMA equipment and apparel

Flamma provides the highest quality equipment for MMA, boxing and other martial arts, making your training and fights more safe and more efficient.

What makes us even better is modern technologies to make you feel as comfortable and safe as you can imagine, and rich design, which helps you be the king of the ring.

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