Training gear: Elbow protectors Flamma

Elbow protectors Flamma

The most innovative technologies

Elbow protection Flamma CELL-TEC™:
• Made of super light 10mm foam material in a cellural shape from elastic polyester. The cells are applied to the fabric using a seamless method which, in turn, gives excellent mobility to the athlete and fits body perfectly
• DROP-TEC™ fabric passes sweat and maintains body dry and cool
• Increased performance of the FLAMMA elbow protectors is due to our commitment to excellence by reducing the weight and thickness of our elbow protector combined with our dedication to flexibility and incredible absorption of impact energy
• One of the advantages of CELL-TEC™ protector is its его almost full invisibility under clothing
• Elastic stitches with 4-Needle 6-Thread technology prevents fabric from damaging and do not rub skin
• Antislip strip on the inner side of the protector helps keep it better on hand, and prevents slipping or twisting
• Easy to wash, fast drying, durable

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